Social Psychology

The social animal – Part 1

The social animal is an academic textbook aimed to give the reader an introduction to the subject of social psychology. The author is the American psychologist Elliot Aronson. A few years ago, while I was walking in Pavia (Italy) with a friend of mine, I told him that since I had attended a job course […]

The Halo Effect

Our brain is an incredible tool, but despite its power and all its amazing features it isn’t perfect and can make us believe wrong information or make us take the wrong decision. In my opinion, everyone should have at least some knowledge of these biases and limitations of our mind. Once we know some of […]

The optimistic bias

In this my first article about psychology, I will talk about the optimistic bias: the tendency of people to overestimate good events like our career in the future and underestimate bad events. A personal example that demonstrate the optimistic bias is the certainty I had last year to permanently live in Australia for more than […]